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TMRW Studio Team

We are all about high energy, creativity, freedom, culture, happiness, good attitude, and professionalism.

We have multiple positions and internship opportunities available from time to time in Sales, Production, Design, Finance, Operations, and Social Media/ PR. 

TMRW STUDIO’s internship program provides hands-on experience to gain knowledge in a transparent & entrepreneurial & creative business environment. It is a great opportunity to discover your talent and build a career path.  

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:: What Previous Interns Have Said:

Mir Abid Zaman I Marketing Intern

Working at TMRW Studio has been quite the journey. You are exposed to an environment that fosters growth, professionalism, and an overall passion for a very driven business. The energy in the office always makes its staff strive to better the performance of the company itself, and allows for personal growth in a professional set up along the way. As a Finance major, I was given the opportunity to work alongside various departments and learned about the passion and tenacity required to make a business tick; I would recommend working at TMRW studio for anyone who wants to know how a business is run from the ground up, the experience truly is invaluable!

Linzhi Huang I Design Intern

I was so happy and lucky to be one of the design team in TMRW Studio after graduating from FIT. In here, you can experience both footwear and handbags with several interesting projects as well. It was an amazing experience, full of fun and you can learn a lot from it at the same time, the whole team is friendly and positive all the time so you always have a great atmosphere to work. As a design intern, it's really exciting to see your design come real when samples came after all the hard works! I really enjoy working in TMRW Studio with all my passion and love for accessories design.

Nicki Dehghani I Marketing Intern
As a marketing intern at TMRW Studio, I have learned how to deal with almost all aspects of a start up company. I started off as a marketing intern, but my duties were not restricted to just the marketing side, instead, I can safely say that I have been exposed to all departments of the business. TMRW studio is a great means of building character, acquiring decision-making skills, setting up priorities and become a well-rounded individual equipped with the knowledge to tackle the increasingly competitive business field. The working environment at TMRW Studio is something that I will never take for granted; Working closely with the marketing team while having my own responsibilities made every day unique and exciting. I believe this internship has encouraged me to not be afraid of taking matters into my own hands and to always try to be ahead of the game. Thank you, Funda! :)

Kimberly Yip I Finance and Operations Intern
This internship at TMRW Studio gave me the experience I needed to know to succeed in a business. With its different and exciting working environment, TMRW Studio allowed me to work with a small knit group of people and really get to interact with all different sides of the business. I learned various parts of designing and marketing, which ultimately helped me understand more about the business and finance side. This knowledge then helped me make better decisions as a finance and operations intern to make business exercises run smoothly and improve costs to benefit the company. I have learned many things as an intern at TMRW Studio that will help me advance my career in the finance department within the fashion industry and created an experience to last a lifetime.

Nicole Gibaldi I Administrative and Production Assistant
Being an Intern at TMRW Studio has provided me a career path that I could have never imagined. Going to school for accounting, it didn't seem possible to end up working in the fashion industry. But, with an amazing and successful mentor and a supportive team and culture, I was able to grow and develop many skills to take me to the next level in my career. TMRW Studio is an incredible work space as you are able to learn about all aspects of a business, and truly see how each aspect affects the next. My time and experience at TMRW Studio is one that I will never forget, and one that I owe a great deal of my current success to.